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Madeleine Gofuckyourselfawitz
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United States
  • Mood: Movingon
All two of you. Ya know, if my incredibly long absence didn't scare you away. I would like to say a few things. 
1.I don't really do Sonic anymore. If you couldn't tell by the small number of amazing and completely anatomically correct drawings I've submitted over about the last two months or so, you'll notice that they are pretty much humans. This is because, to put it simply, I'm outdated. I couldn't tell you a single thing about the recent goings on in the Sonic fandom (except for that Boom thing but we don't talk about that) and it's been like that for a long time. I fell behind awhile back and decided that was it, I was done, not interested anymore. I still draw it from time to time to keep track of improvements but it's pretty freaking rare. I've got things I find more entertaining to fill in the gap. Also being a Sonic fan has adopted a negative term and in all honesty I was done with being embarrassed whenever someone made fun of the franchise. Now I draw sort of correct people and Sonic stays almost completely out of my mind aside from the occasional obsessive reflex now and again. Still recovering. Staying strong.
2.I don't really do DA anymore. I used to be VERY addicted to this website. I won't go into specific details but to put it very simply I spent too much time on here to have a life. It was so bad I started forcing myself to stop going on but I knew that if I didn't make the decision to fully detach myself I'd never move on with much of anything. Thankfully I have very much moved on to watching YouTube and posting anonymously to random forums. Still, the fact that I used to be super addicted to the website has given me a bit of an aversion to it. I get a little pit in my stomach when I hear about it around the internet. Also this is basically a porn site now and my art isn't good enough to make sexy boobaroos.
3.Despite number 2 I'm still going to be posting here. It'll be for the collab my friend and I are doing and that's it. Just for her. I really want to be done with this place entirely, it's too toxic for me, but I did promise to do it with her so I will go until I finish. If I decide to pick it up after that then so be it but I can already assure you my presence on here will be more than minimal if I make the decision to stick around. Don't wanna get sucked in again.

So yeah, that's all I wanted to go over. If you have any questions or comments feel free to let me know and I will maybe get back to you eventually. I doubt anyone will leave anything because of how long I've been gone but it doesn't hurt to hope =3=

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